Douglas Fir Design
Douglas Fir Design

About Us

We create beautiful custom timber furniture by hand, right here in Melbourne. 

The journey between the initial conception and the creation of a piece of furniture is an exciting one for me. I have always had the desire to create unique and beautiful things but I have another thing that drives me which is a eagerness to solve problems.  As a furniture designer I feel lucky to be able to help customers solve problems and also create beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime. 

I have a background in Ecology and this helps guide the choices I make and the materials I use. The majority of my work is using recycled timber, mainly australian hardwoods and big Oregon beams. I use a variety of natural timber finishes including some unusual treatments like soap and waxes. The joinery and techniques I lean towards are modern and understated. I prefer the structure of the piece to explain itself, the strength to be evident inherently in the materials used. 

The pieces on this website are commissions I have made for clients all over Victoria.  I happily take inspiration from a variety of sources and enjoy working hand in hand with clients throughout the entire process to create a piece that will exceed your expectations.